October 23rd from 5 to 6 p.m. 

This class will touch on the many lineages of divination through herbs in hot water. Where they originated and how the women passed on the knowledge to their children and grandchildren. We will walk through the many styles of tea leaf reading, and you will have a chance to try them on your own.

Sati Wyld Tree is an Ashland Native of over 10 years. She brings Majik and focused intention to all she creates and offers. From Tea Leaf & Tarot readings, to Spells and tools for divination. Her passion is to provide support to those seeking guidance in unseen realms. You can find her on Instagram @oregonsativafaerie and @highpriestessarts. She also offers Tea Leaf and Tarot Readings at the apothecary on Saturdays from 12 to 4 pm.