May 31 from 6-8pm  

There is one primary fear above all that has been installed in our individual/collective consciousness. Once we choose to release this most insidiously brilliant program ever devised, we can truly become free & fearless since all other fears emanate from the Big One.

 Join us, maximizing the New Moon/Eclipse Energies of New Cycles & New Beginnings to let go of the biggest fear of all, Fear of Death. Get ready by journaling about your innerstanding of what “death” represents to you and prepare to participate in a round table discussion with like hearted souls who are seeking to know the truth of Who We Are. 

 Then we will delete, release & resolve these Old World programs that no longer serve us, for in the space/time continuum we are now transitioning to, we no longer need them…

What is Theta Healing & how each of us can access this divine space.  How this powerful technique, which connects mind & heart, assists you to identify and release deeply ingrained blocks, negative disempowering beliefs & trauma held in the unconscious mind. Learn about Theta Healing & experience a group session at this event!

Kathryn Grace’s quest for truth, and meaning and purpose of life, has led her on an extraordinary path full of adventure, constant change and challenging initiations. She is a passionate student of metaphysics and has immersed herself in many international spiritual teachings that have exposed her to different cultural perspectives, meditation techniques, and healing modalities.

Kathryn’s unique gifts and experiences enable her to identify and instantly transform deeply held blocks, negative beliefs and traumatic reactions emanating fromthe unconscious mind so the recipient can live a conscious life with enhanced awareness. She is devoted to the path of Love and Oneness, which she exemplifies in her daily life.