November 22nd from 5 to 6:30 p.m.

Intention: Educate to Empower women and womb-holders to release dependence on the medical establishment for their reproductive health and well-being.  These classes will give you the tools to take your fertility, hormonal health and contraception back into your own power. 

Class Two- Cycle MappingAn introduction to the ‘Contraceptive Spectrum’, this class will offer participants a full toolbag for taking their contraceptive choices into their own hands.  Includes: Introduction to Cycle Mapping/Fertility Awareness as well herbal allies, practices and DIY tips for contraceptive freedom.  

Sarah Bly is a local Ashland resident, mother and communitarian who has been working in the field of sexual/reproductive health for 25 years. A former homebirth midwife, Sarah has devoted the last decade of her career to educating folks on living a more ‘body literate’ life, learning to listen and respond to our bodies' queues and to the patterns of nature, finding reverence for our life-giving fertility, our sexuality and our innate health. She does this through her offerings as a Fertility Awareness and Sexual Health Educaor.  In addition to her private practice, Sarah runs teacher training programs for educators and women’s health care practitioners to transition to a more client-led, somatic based practice. She also offers wilderness immersions here in the Rogue Valley.  You can read more about her offerings on her website at graceofthemoon.com