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Total Lunar Eclipse in Taurus
I love how Eclipse season invokes a feeling of awe and wonder in all of us. Our relationship to the cosmos is ancient and these celestial passages activate innate wisdom in our bones. With 6 planets in fixed signs, the energy feels thick, palpable even. Taurus, positioned in the full moon, is known for its practical intuition and has an affinity for body wisdom. Over time, our bodies become storehouses of the past~accumulating memories of good and bad, all of which have created pathways to bring us where we are today. We may find ourselves bumping up against patterns of familiarity that have outlived their purpose. What habits + narratives do you subscribe to that, in essence, keep you safe but actually prevent you from experiencing deep love, worthiness and intimacy?  
Eclipses tend to accelerate a process that's already in motion. The story isn’t new- a new layer is unearthed. This moon opposes a stellium in Scorpio, shining a light on our shadow, inviting us to shed old skins and stories that keep us from living life more fully. 
Mars, newly stationed retrograde in Gemini, can feel directionless and scattered. 
Be curious as to what influences your actions. honest self inquiry can be a supportive practice during this time. What has outlived its value? Do you feel aligned with your values? what needs to be felt at this time? we may need to travel into uncomfortable spaces to find liberating truth. Venus in Scorpio is highly magnetic, emotionally charged and passionate. She teaches us to find beauty in the natural cycles of death and rebirth. As the ruler of this eclipse, she is focused on love and power and wants to remind you of yours. 
Uranus conjunct the moon (and square to Saturn) brings a shaky frequency. 
it may feel like a turn of events or an uprooting, and maybe that's what we need for our dreams to grow and flourish. Just like people, when plants consolidate their roots in one place for too long, growth becomes stagnant and still. repotting and pruning looks painful when in actuality, unseen alchemy is taking place. What can you offer to the sacred dark without knowing exactly how it will be returned bearing new fruits? 
may you celebrate all the ways you continue to change, make peace with what needs to be released + honor fleeting moments that make your heart feel alive. remember, nothing is truly lost, only transformed. 🖤🥀
*when the energies feel chaotic, and our nerves feel fried, root into simple embodied practices of movement, herbal teas and breath work. 

Herbal Allies for the Eclipse: 
Astrological musings by Dayna Connolly, herbal ally suggestions by Willow Holloway. 

Dayna Connolly:  I was guided into astrology at a young age, but actively pursued it starting in 2016 when my ascension process began. My life started to change rapidly, and astrology provided the support I needed. Astrology is a powerful tool that bridges the gap between seen and unseen realms aiding in self discovery and healing. I believe that understanding our personal growth cycles can be a masterful way to navigate and give meaning to the human experience. Confusion dissipates when I reference the stars, never failing to reveal the answers I am seeking. Your astrological natal chart is a sacred map reflecting your timeless, ever expanding nature. It serves as a compass, sending you back home to you. My role is to empower you into becoming your own healer by illuminating the patterns you came here to shift, integrate and celebrate, so you can show up confident and embodied. My approach blends esoteric wisdom & intuitive guidance. I love to be of service by helping others gain clarity and align with their soul’s path. 

You can find Dayna at and on Instagram @dayna.connolly 

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